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Photo in Hamburg
Serge Blenner was born in France in 1955.
Before he moved to Germany in 1975 he studied
late composition and harmony at the conservatory
of Mulhouse.
At a very early stage of this new genre he began
to experiment with electronic music and presented
his work in a series of live concerts in Munich and
Hamburg in 1978.

Since 1979 he has been living in Hamburg and
works in his Studio Esthématique.

1999 he set up his label MdeC Editions and has
been publishing his latest albums himself.
Work in the studio for his first album La Vogue.

followed Magazin Frivole a synthesizer realization of sounds and compositions.

The work on computer sounds with the prototype of the PPG music-computer led to his participation at the "Ars Electronica", the well-known electronic music festival in Linz/Austria. Publication of the album Fracture Interne.

Consolidation in the sampling technologie. Invitation from SAT 1 for a life performance on the occasion of the SpaceLab D1 Mission landing. In 1984, IBM published a book including an acrylic record, presenting Blenner's work as a masterpiece of electronic music.

Publication of the album La Dimension Prochaine, licensed in the USA with the label 'LifeStyle'.

After Les Architectes du Temps Serge started to work with orchestral and symphonic samples and demonstrated the substantial spectrum of his inventiveness.

With Equateur und Cosmos he presented a highly ambitious kind of music of the 20th century, accompanied by euphoric reception of the specialist media. No 1 in Italy's 'New Sounds Charts' and invitation from the Spain TVE.

Work on a combination of computer sounds and french chanson. Setting own poems. His new album Babylone became No 1 in Finlands 'Alternative Charts'.

Introduction of two symphonic albums (virtual orchestration): Libération und Symbolique.

Two new albums Vision et Poésie und Amour followed; work on a new draft inspired by his consideration of philosophic history.

With his 14th album Ars Oratoria Serge presented the most individual chapter of his acoustic autobiography as composer of electronic music and caused an utter confusion among journalists.

Virtualis affected both critics and fans with its exceptional combination of classical ochestration, electronic textures and carefully arranged spherical melodies.

Never before Serge Blenner showed so much of his inner life. Miroir de Soi seems to become his masterpiece regarding melodic enthusiasm and dense atmosphere. Le Miroir reflects how oceanic music does sound once a symphonic orchestra has fallen in love with this most reliable of the four elements. And Janvier as well as Exlibris are pure beauty, sensitive profundity and 'joie de vivre'.

With Musique de Chambre Serge Blenner publishes his seventeenth and most demanding work. On this new album the master of electronic music sends a complete virtual chamber orchestra on stage. Came out is a sound enormous music - full of soul!
The sensitive and melodic tracks device the listeners into dreams while listening the wonderful and filigree piano, the blowers and the pearling chimes, of "Pearls" or the urgent soprano voices, the harps and the string players of "Symbiose". It is a very special sound of classical music.

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